Be Humble

Take a good look at this tree. See how beautiful it is…. Such is life. You can get all the certificates, the riches, the fame…. Things are moving so well with you. But remember, the same God that lifted you up will surely bring you down one day. Be Humble and praise God for His […]

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No matter how angry you get with people or someone, just don’t judge them. When you judge them you have no time to love them. In life, we’ve got so many enemies. Some used to be our friends. Wonder why they pretend.

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How Prepared Are You?

Growing up has never been easy for me. Especially, my childhood days. Even now, there lot more struggles. I ddnt know me. I ddnt know myself. Had to let people think for me which was very bad. Sometimes you dnt even get the attention you want especially when you’ve got that strict DaddyšŸ˜¢. Thought nobody […]

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